Cyprus 25. March - 8. April 2006                



The island of Cyprus is situated in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and it is known for high level of endemism of its fauna and flora. For this reason, it became a goal of our four-member trip. We chose the period of turn of March and April for our visit of Cyprus. The temperatures reach to comfortable 25 °C at this time of the year and we had a prospect of catching adults of several early species and collecting wood with younger developmental stages of many summer species. The spectrum of cerambycids of Cyprus is not as rich as in nearby Turkey, both in the number of species and the total amount of specimen. Therefore, I recommend a visit of this island only to more advanced entomologists. Despite that, Cyprus is worth visiting anyhow.


Several photos of the Cedar valley, which is the only site of occurrence of endemic species of cedar - Cedrus brevifolia. These impressive trees with spreading treetops also serve as a host plants of two endemic taxons - Axinopalpis barbarae Sama, 1993 ssp. barbarae Sama, 1993 and Glaphyra bassettii Sama, 1992.

Cedrus brevifolia      Cedrus brevifolia
Cedrus brevifolia        Cedrus brevifolia


The island of Cyprus is an interesting site, not only for entomologists, but also for the herpetologist. Colourful lizards cross the road or pathway every few minutes, having bigger piece the luck you can see Agama stellio - (top right), or a common chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon) - (bottom left).

lizard       Agama stelio


Chamaeleo chamaeleon        lizard


Three photos from the Troodos mountains, covered by pine forests (Pinus nigra),
with undergrowth of oak Quercus alnifolia and rockrose Cistus creticus.

Troodos mountains      Troodos mountains


Troodos mountains


List of species of family Cerambycidae, recorded during our expedition
Behind the name of a species is listed its host plant, species marked by  "CY" are quoted as endemic for Cyprus in the literature.
GRAMMOPTERA baudii Sama, 1985  ssp. baudii Sama, 1985 - CY - Pistacia terebinthus
PEDOSTRANGALIA raggii Sama, 1992 - CY - Quercus alnifolia
TRICHOFERUS antonioui Sama, 1994 - CY - Cistus creticus
TRICHOFERUS georgioui Sama & Makris, 2001 - CY -  Ceratonia siliqua
TRICHOFERUS griseus (Fabricius, 1792) -  Ficus carica
TRICHOFERUS fasciculatus (Faldermann, 1837) ssp. fasciculatus (Faldermann, 1837) -  Ceratonia siliqua
STROMATIUM unicolor (Olivier, 1795) - Prunus dulcis
ICOSIUM tomentosum Lucas, 1854    ssp. atticum Ganglbauer, 1881 - Cupressus sempervirens
DEILUS fugax (Olivier, 1790) -  Genista fasselata
AXINOPALPIS barbarae Sama, 1993-
                             ssp. barbarae Sama, 1993 - CY Cedrus brevifolia
                             ssp. consobrinus Sama, 1993 - CY Prunus dulcis
GLAPHYRA bassettii Sama, 1992 – CY - Cedrus brevifolia
NATHRIUS brevipennis (Mulsant, 1839)   -  Ceratonia siliqua
CERTALLUM ebulinum (Linnaeus, 1767)
PURPURICENUS nicocles Schaufuss, 1871 - CY - Quercus alnifolia
DELAGRANGEUS angustissimus Pic, 1892 ssp. troodi Sama, 1994 - Juniperus foetidissima
CLYTUS rhamni Germar, 1817 ssp. rhamni Germar, 1817
CHLOROPHORUS varius (Müller, 1766) ssp. damascenus (Chevrolat, 1854)
NIPHONA picticornis Mulsant, 1839 Ficus carica, Cistus cretica, Pistacia terebinthus
HELLADIA millefolii (Adams, 1817) ssp. alziari Sama, 1992
HELLADIA humeralis (Waltl, 1828)
PHYTOECIA virgula ( Charpentier, 1825 )
PHYTOECIA geniculata Mulsant, 1863
CALAMOBIUS filum (Rossi, 1790)
AGAPANTHIA gemella Holzschuh, 1989 -  CY Astragalus lusitanicus
AGAPANTHIA suturalis  (Fabricius, 1787)
AGAPANTHIA nicosiensis Pic, 1927 – CY - Echinops spinosissimus, Cynara cardunculus, Asphodelus aestivus


Helladia humeralis (Waltl, 1828)                   Helladia millefolii (Adams, 1817)                   Agapanthia gemella Holzschuh, 1989
  ssp. alziari Sama, 1992                        


            Axinopalpis barbarae Sama, 1993                 Axinopalpis barbarae Sama, 1993                          Glaphyra bassettii Sama, 1992            
ssp. barbarae Sama, 1993                        ssp. consobrinus Sama, 1993                                                                 

Agapanthia nicosiensis Pic, 1927      Certallum ebulinum (Linnaeus, 1767)          Penichroa fasciata (Stephens, 1831)

Delagrangeus angustissimus Pic, 1892 ssp. troodi Sama, 1994             Icosium tomentosum Lucas, 1854 ssp. atticum Ganglbauer, 1881 

                                          Trichoferus antonioui Sama, 1994                      Trichoferus georgioui Sama & Makris, 2001


Trichoferus griseus (Fabricius, 1792)  Trichoferus fasciculatus (Faldermann, 1837)    Niphona picticornis Mulsant, 1839     


               Adult of Agapanthia gemella Holzschuh, 1989, still hidden                   Astragalus lusitanicus, the host plant of
             in its pupal cell in dead stem of Astragalus lusitanicus                       Agapanthia gemella Holzschuh, 1989


 Agapanthia suturalis (Fabricius, 1787)



                                    Pedostrangalia raggii Sama, 1992                                   Pedostrangalia raggii Sama, 1992                                    - newly hatched adult in its pupal cell                                    - adult specimen

Pedostrangalia raggii Sama, 1992    Pedostrangalia raggii Sama, 1992

 Purpuricenus nicocles Schaufuss, 1871

      photo: Richard Ambrus                                              photo: Richard Ambrus                                     

Stromatium unicolor (Olivier, 1795)



And finally, our favorite brand of local beer

from left: auhtor, Pavel Jelínek and Richard Ambrus. Walter Grosser behind the camera   

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